#1 – Try a few drops on scrambled eggs, buffalo chicken wings, marinades, stir some in your chili, make some hot mayo, add to stir fries.

#2 – Did you know that most hot sauce does not need to be refrigerated?  In fact, the flavor is better if you leave it in a dark cool cupboard rather than in the fridge.  All our Marie Sharp’s hot sauces have a three year shelf life.  You can buy confidently knowing you won’t have a bunch of leftover sauce that expires before you get to use it.

#3 – With the Marie Sharp’s Garlic sauce, the possibilities are fantastic.  One little tip we have tried is to mix a few drops of the garlic hot sauce into your Caesar salad dressing.  It adds a nice heat and a great garlic kick.  Try it next time and let us know what you think!