Guava Jam 11 oz


Guava Jam 11 oz


Marie Sharp’s all natural jams and jellies are made with the freshest exotic fruits and the finest ingredients. All of her fresh fruits are grown on the Sharp’s family farm, nestled in the fertile foothills of the Mayan Mountains. She does not use fruit juices or commercially prepared concentrates.

Ingredients:  Guava all-natural cane sugar, key lime juice and pectin.

11 ounces (352 ml)

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Marie Sharp’s Guava Jam

Made with fresh, local Belizean guavas, these products are not just juice, or commercially prepared concentrates like some other products you can find on the market today.

What more can you ask besides pure, natural and fresh?  You won’t find anything in our product line that you can’t pronounce!

Marie Sharp’s guava jam is made with 100% natural fresh fruit from Belize!    Using a secret recipe which incorporates guavas from Belize, this jam is sweet and tangy.  Try adding some to your breakfast plate with your fryjacks and eggs!   Swap out your regular old strawberry, blueberry or raspberry jam and try a new exotic flavour.


Ingredients:  Guava, all-natural cane sugar, key lime juice and pectin.


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