Papaya Jam 11 oz


Papaya Jam 11 oz


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Marie Sharp’s all natural jams and jellies are made with the freshest exotic fruits and the finest ingredients. All of her fresh fruits are grown on the Sharp’s family farm, nestled in the fertile foothills of the Mayan Mountains. She does not use fruit juices or commercially prepared concentrates.

Ingredients:  Papaya all-natural cane sugar, key lime juice and pectin.

11 ounces (352 ml)

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Have you ever tasted exotic tropical jam?  Have your tastebuds learned the joy of fresh Caribbean fruits and the finest ingredients?

All of our jams are made with fresh, locally grown fruit from Belize.  Nothing comes from commercially prepared concentrates.

The ingredients are pure, fresh and natural.  There is nothing artificial including no artificial colour or flavour.  You can actually pronounce every single ingredient.  There are no chemicals or artificial processes involved.  You know how your mom and grandma made jam in their steamy, hot kitchens with fruit right off the tree?   The Marie Sharp’s line of jams and spreads are pure and natural, just like your mom used to make.

Ingredients:  Papaya, all-natural cane sugar, key lime juice and pectin.


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