Cactus Gallon Jug


Cactus Gallon Jug


Green Habanero Pepper Sauce Gallon Jugs

This cactus-based green habanero gourmet pepper sauce has a unique taste and subtle heat.  A standout in both appearance and flavour.  It is very different from the traditional red habanero pepper sauces.  Pairs extremely well with quesadillas, burritos, roasted chicken, on rice, in soups and sauces.  Add a few drops to kick up your guacamole or salsa a few notches.  Excellent on its own as well with a few taco chips and a tasty cold cerveza or margarita!

We rate this one as a 1 out of 6 on our product heat scale.  If you’re a beginner in exploring heat, this is a good place to start and is one of our best sellers.

No artificial color, flavor, preservatives or additives.  All natural products.

We suggest refrigerating this one because it is so big.  You can always pour it into smaller bottles and share with your friends.

Ingredients: Nopal prickly pears, green habanero peppers, onions, garlic, salt, key lime, white vinegar.

Note: Smaller bottles are shown for perspective and are not included with the gallon jug.

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You can now order your favorite flavor in Gallon Jug size.  The equivalent of twelve 10 ounce bottles.

Marie Sharp’s Cactus hot sauce

This hot sauce is GREAT with Mexican food.  Made with nopale (prickly pear cactus), this tangy hot sauce packs a real punch.

Mix into your burrito mix, add to quesadillas, eat with nacho chips.  We give this sauce a 2 out of 6 for heat.  Not too hot, but has a nice kick.

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