Belizean Heat Hot Sauce 148 ml (5 ounces)


Belizean Heat Hot Sauce 148 ml (5 ounces)


A solid fave for those who like it a little hotter. The label says not to play tricks on the weak or the elderly with this sauce!!

We personally rate this one as a 4 out of 6 on our product heat scale.  Definitely for those who can tolerate a bit more heat.

Excellent for spicy ribs, chicken wings, add to marinades and sauces.  Replace your current go-to vinegar-based cayenne sauce in a classic Caesar and call it the Belizer!  with only a few drops you can improve the flavour dramatically.

No artificial color, flavor, preservatives or additives.  All natural products.

Ingredients: Habanero, vinegar, carrot, salt, onion, tomato puree, lime juice, garlic, capsicum, spices.


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Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat – Hot Sauce

This sauce is just a little hotter than the fiery blend.  Made with carrots, habaneros, onions and garlic – this is a great complement to any spicy dish.

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