Red Pineapple Habanero Gallon Jug


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Red Pineapple Habanero Gallon Jug


We personally rate this one as a 3 out of 6 on our product heat scale.

Excellent on chips, in hummus, on rice and chicken.  Excellent with any mild white fish or shrimp.  Toss some into your salad dressing for a little zing.

No artificial color, flavor, preservatives or additives.  All natural products.

NOTE:  The factory ran out of yellow habanero for this product so they substituted Red Habanero Pepper for this batch.

INGREDIENTS: Pineapple pulp, Water, Pepper, Vinegar, Onion, Salt, Lime Juice, and Garlic.

Note: Smaller bottles are shown for perspective and are not included with the gallon jug.

Temporarily Sold Out

You can now order your favorite flavor in Gallon Jug size.

Marie Sharp’s Pineapple Pulp habanero hot sauce.

Restaurant sized one gallon jug.  Equivalent of 24 bottles of the 5 oz size.  They don’t even make this one in 10 ounce!

Made with the hottest, ripest red habaneros grown in the lush rainforest countryside of Belize.

They also make a yellow version of this sauce here.

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