Exotic Pepper Sauce 296 ml (10 oz)



Exotic Pepper Sauce 296 ml (10 oz)


Marie Sharp’s Exotic Pepper Sauce is a special edition sauce, enticing and tropical with natural sweetness  of raisins, tamarind and green mango.  

This unique tamarind blend achieves the perfect balance between flavor and spice.

As our friend Paul said, “I’ll just buy it all now.  We won’t speak of this again.”

No artificial color, flavor, preservatives or additives.  All natural products.

INGREDIENTS: Green mangoes, tamarind, raisins, ginger, sugar, vinegar, onions, garlic and spices.

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Marie Sharp’s Exotic Sauce is the finest product of its kind. This rich blend of fresh fruit and aromatic spices is the perfect compliment to any meal. It is excellent for basting, grilling, cooking or as a condiment with meat, pork, poultry, seafood, game meat, vegetables, soups and cheese.

This sauce is an exotic blend of flavors.  Great with rice and savoury dishes.  Add it to your chutney and salad plates.  The closest thing we can compare it to is a Heinz 57 or an HP sauce with more flare and deep, subtle background notes of raisin and ginger.



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