Marie Sharp’s Canada Santa Box Hot Sauce


Marie Sharp’s Canada Santa Box Hot Sauce


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Santa is here and ready for Christmas!

Your festive Santa box contains four of our most popular hot sauces at a ridiculously great price.  You will get one of each full sized 10 oz bottle of the following:

  • Mild Habanero – for those who like it just a little spicy.
  • Green Habanero featuring nopal cactus as a main ingredient.
  • Original Hot – one step hotter than the mild – this is our most popular sauce and best seller.
  • Beware – not for the frail or the faint of heart – this one hits a 6/6 for heat.

See what we did there?  It’s all red and green, just in time for Christmas.  Available for a limited time.

Best price all year for these products.  Take advantage now.


These four sauces go from the very mild to the very spicy.

Our Mild sauce is carrot-based and extremely tasty.  It’s rated 1/6 for heat and we love it for spicing up soup, rice, sauces, marinades and just about everything else.  Replace the usual pepper sauce in your favour Caesar!

The Green Habanero is made from nopal cactus – we rank it about a 2/6 for heat… it’s our go-to sauce for Tex/Mex dishes.

Our Original Hot – what can we say … another carrot based sauce, well rounded flavour, slightly spicier than the mild with a ranking of 2/6.  World famous, all natural and award winning.

Beware – One of only a couple sauces that have capsaicin added to the sauce to pack an extra punch of heat.  We rate it as a 6 out of 6 on our own personal scale.  This one is great when you need to kick up the heat while still retaining the flavour.


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